We are the Operations partner you want by your side!

We identify, streamline, and optimize your business processes so you can focus on what matters most - growing your brand with amazing customer experiences.

Imani Advantage was founded in January 2019 as a Digital Marketing consultancy specializing in Paid Advertising. We wanted to help elevate minority-owned businesses that had very little education and training regarding marketing campaigns...

Now that we have a more holistic approach to business, we look at the entire customer journey and how we can maximize your revenue potential by focusing on the hero of the story - the customer.

Transformational experiences are more valuable than transactional one-way relationships. When operating to build relationships, you will seamlessly take customers from stranger to advocate.

A Real Dynamic Team...

We are a husband and wife team comprising of a RevOps Specialist and an Executive Assistant. When our powers combine...you get a smooth blend of marketing, process management, and organizational development.

Our Values



We believe in the power of teamwork. Working as one to accomplish goals.



Open and honest discussion to set a standard of accountability and trust.



Our dedication to having a lasting social impact is key to our development.

Who We Are

We're Just A Bunch Of Creators & Dreamers

Joshua Butrum

Marketing Operations Specialist

TaJua Butrum

Customer Success / Ecommerce

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Imani Advantage is a Marketing Operations consultancy providing a RevOps framework that aligns business goals and strategies to the customer experience.

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