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Black Owned Marketing Agency: Creating a Diverse Workforce

August 21, 20227 min read

Diversifying your marketing team can have a major impact on the success of your company. Marketing is all about building relationships with your audience. It’s all about understanding their needs and meeting those needs in an engaging way. Hiring a diverse marketing agency will create a more diverse workforce that can better understand the needs of different audiences. A diverse team will be able to perform better from an emotional intelligence standpoint, because they’ll be able to relate to other people on a deeper level. And when you hire new talent, you’ll be opening your company up to new ideas and creativity. With marketing becoming increasingly important to all businesses, there is an increasing need for a diverse and creative workforce.

Why Diversify?

Many small businesses (especially start-ups) overlook the fact that diverse teams perform better. They also perform better financially. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 40% of executives and supervisors in the professional fields in which women do the majority of the work are Hispanic. When your team looks like the people they serve, your marketing efforts will be more successful. According to a study by the University of Central Florida, the same can be said for black employees. According to a study by The Center for Creative Leadership, there are some hidden benefits to using a diverse team for marketing and advertising. Among these benefits is the ability to communicate with any audience.

The Value of Diversity in Marketing

Having a diverse marketing team can lead to some powerful and impactful results. It can lead to the type of growth your company needs. It can help your business make big strides in the space they’re competing in. It can make the difference between an office and an online boutique. It can open up a brand new market that was not possible before. Diversity in marketing is what can make the difference between an online business and a brick and mortar business. A Black owned marketing agency offers a unique blend of business expertise and professional guidance for their clientele. Their team has the experience needed to execute plans for every industry. They also have the expertise to make these marketing plans more than just good.

Emotions create the foundation for the marketing decisions you make. Every audience member on earth has unique emotional needs, based on their personality, age, or gender. You can’t approach all customers with the same materials, design, or messaging. To make everyone feel equally included, your marketing team should be diverse.

By including more women, men, and members of different races and sexual orientations in your company, you’ll be opening yourself up to a broader range of creative ideas, input, and perspectives. When your employees have an understanding of the issues that different people in your target audience face in their daily lives, they’ll be able to better understand the unique cultural challenges they face.

What to Consider When Hiring a Diverse Agency

So what are some of the things to look out for when hiring a diverse marketing agency? A few key points to look out for when hiring a diverse marketing agency: Know your budget. Your budget can make or break your marketing campaign. If you don’t have the funds to pay a diverse marketing agency, you won’t be able to attract the talent you need to execute your marketing campaign. Always budget for diverse talent when hiring. Your budget can make or break your marketing campaign. If you don’t have the funds to pay a diverse marketing agency, you won’t be able to attract the talent you need to execute your marketing campaign. Always budget for diverse talent when hiring. Pay attention to the diversity of candidates.

Hiring a diverse agency can be difficult, but it can be a necessity in today’s marketing world. This is especially true when your marketing team has a narrow set of viewpoints. Hiring a company that will represent your brand to an even wider audience is imperative.

Be realistic about your budget when searching for a diverse marketing agency. There are plenty of agencies that specialize in diversity work.

Use diversity marketing agencies that specialize in a particular region of the country. For example, if you’re based in Los Angeles, you may find that a firm in New York City is much more diverse. These are two very different markets that need different types of marketing services.

The key to finding a diverse agency that works best for you is to take your time and interview them individually to see how you fit with them. Here are some questions you need to ask when interviewing a diverse marketing agency:

  • What are the needs of my target market?

  • How do they spend their money?

  • What advertising strategies are used to reach that target market?

  • What is their percentage of minority employees?

  • What does your average team size look like?

  • What are the company values?

  • Are there any causes that they support?

If you have any other questions, you should feel free to ask! They are great people and they’re here to help you. After you’ve had a chance to interview them and see how you match their approach, you’ll know what to do next.

How We Work towards Creating a Diverse Agency

We strive to be an all inclusive company, where the gender, race, and religious preference of employees does not impact their professionalism. We try to make our agency a place that fosters a professional environment for everyone. While many entrepreneurs are focused on getting the right people, we are focused on creating a workplace that you’d like to work for. We’ve created an agency with a holistic approach to the mission, that includes: Ability to Travel. New Ideas. Value for Your Business. Relationships with People who matter. Creating a diverse agency is possible. We know this because we work hard to create the environment for it.

How do you build a diverse team that works well together?

We are dedicated to creating a strong team and striving to build a more diverse agency that’s able to meet the needs of each of our clientele. We train our team to work well together and understand what each of their specific roles are within the agency. We also build team members up and give them the creative freedom to show true talent.

Why does diversity matter for the industry?

Strong marketing is largely driven by emotion. If you don’t understand who your audience is and what motivates them, your advertising will fall flat. It’s a lot easier to come up with ideas for advertising and marketing if you understand what your audience wants. When the people you hire to develop your marketing strategies and craft your advertising and marketing materials reflect the diversity of the people they’re going after, you’re tapping into an emotional connection. You’re going directly to their minds. That’s a powerful connection to make.


Finding the right marketing agency to work with is important to the future of your business. A good marketing agency should be able to tell you exactly what your audience wants and needs. A good agency should be able to keep you up to date on industry trends. A good agency should be able to give you the best marketing campaigns for your company. You need to ensure you select the right agency, and the right agency only, to work with. Always remember that you need a marketing agency that knows what it’s doing, and that can give you the results you’re looking for. If you are a Black-Owned Business, it is VERY important that you leverage digital channels for your marketing efforts, take a look at our other post explaining the significance!

A more diverse marketing team is going to result in a more engaging customer experience. The reason for this is that a diverse team will be able to understand the needs and experiences of different groups of people. Therefore, they’ll be better equipped to provide a truly exciting experience.

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Joshua Butrum

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