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7 Reasons Why Black-Owned Businesses Need Digital Marketing

August 22, 202210 min read

It is clear that there is a disconnect in the Black Business Community in the matters of visibility, market share, patronage, etc. Heck, there are even gross stereotypes that many people blindly accept (i.e. poor customer service). Well, these issues eventually trickle to the marketing world.


It is easy to look at what others are doing and become easily dissuaded from taking action into your own business. It’s also very important to remember that you can’t disqualify yourself from a greater position.

“How can I do that”

“I’ve tried marketing...it doesn’t work for me”

“I can’t compete with them”


Just stop it with the objections already!


Of course, the competition is tough when you aren’t even on the playing field, but the point I am trying to make is that you have to be on the field first before you even attempt to score (there isn’t any scoring from the sidelines).

#1- Marketing is the Great Equalizer and levels the playing field

Digital marketing is indeed a great equalizer for businesses, providing a level playing field for everyone to compete in the marketplace. It offers opportunities to make a significant impact and reach a wide audience, regardless of the size or resources of your business.

You want to make the next viral post, you have to post FIRST. You want to have highly converting ads, you have to START advertising. I understand, it is easier said than done but there isn’t any other avenue that will allow you to compete in the marketplace — that’s digitally.

When it comes to digital marketing, the options are vast and diverse. You have paid ads, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and more at your disposal. As Black-owned businesses, it's even more important for us to embrace the digital world, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the significance of having a strong online presence.

The beauty of digital marketing is that everyone has the opportunity to utilize platforms such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft (Bing), LinkedIn, and more. It's about taking that first step and leveraging the platform(s) that best suit your business and target audience. The possibilities are immense, and with a well-crafted strategy, you can effectively connect with your leads and customers when they are ready to engage.

Remember, digital marketing affords you the chance to compete and succeed in the marketplace, regardless of your business's size or background. It's a powerful tool that allows you to amplify your brand, build relationships, and drive growth. So, take that leap, embrace the digital world, and harness the tremendous potential it holds for your business.

#2 - Affordability

Let me just ask you this…


How much would you spend to reach just 1000 people?


How long would it take you to speak to 1000 people that would be “somewhat” interested in your service/product?


To understand how digital marketing (specifically advertising on this point) can be more affordable than “Word of Mouth” you have to consider your time like an hourly rate. If you had 1000 people lined up, ready to speak to you for a minute then on to the next, it would take a little less than 17 hours to talk to EVERY SINGLE PERSON!


Nobody is going to do that...in the beginning (there is something similar but that's a different story).


Don’t get me wrong, word of mouth is still far more effective than anything because there is a higher chance of closing a deal but before you get to that point, people have to know AND advocate for you.


So ultimately, marketing online will save you time and money...period


The return of investment from digital marketing compared to traditional means are just insane!

#3 - Reaches People Where They Are Most...Online

Ask anyone to pull out a cell phone and about 96% of the time, they will have it (Heck...they might have it already out in a mindless trance). Seriously, virtually everybody has a cell phone and that just means everyone is connected in the border-less community we call the World Wide Web.


People do everything online; we order food, book hotels, buy tickets, have meetings, and run businesses. If you think your audience is NOT online, please enlighten me. Of course, there are different avenues to pursue and strategies to implement to get their attention, but it has already been done.


Try combining a great advertising campaign, amazing content, and a well-tuned search engine optimization strategy...see what results you yield. People are always searching for something, that's why “Google it” is a verb (it’s a mood when you search for Jamaican/Caribbean food nearby). Facebook has the most active user worldwide on the platform, you can easily take your business global!


There are so many platforms that can work with your business, just choose a couple and do those platforms extremely well and expand from there. Don’t forget to make connections and network with people.

#4 - Advanced Analytics

Let me tell you, the capabilities of digital marketing are truly mind-blowing, and it's all made possible through simple lines of code. Tools like Google Analytics tags, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn tags, Pinterest tag, and many others hold the power to unlock valuable insights about your online presence. While they may not be flawless, they give you the ability to track and understand where your website traffic is coming from.

Imagine this: You discover that you're receiving a significant amount of traffic from Instagram. Armed with this knowledge, you can strategically focus on creating more engaging content specifically for that platform. By understanding where your customers are coming from, you can tailor your marketing efforts and provide a better user experience for them.

As a business owner, having access to this data allows you to engage with potential customers on the platforms they prefer, increasing the chances of conversion. Making decisions based on data-driven insights is always a smarter approach. It enables you to analyze the situation, understand user behavior, and make informed choices that are more likely to lead to success. Ultimately, data-driven decision-making outperforms any decision made without proper analysis and understanding.

No matter which platforms you choose to utilize, it's crucial to install the corresponding pixels or tags for better conversion tracking. For instance:

Whatever platforms you use, make sure you install the pixels/tags for better conversion tracking. Here are a few examples:

  • Facebook Pixel = Facebook Pixel

  • Google = Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager 

  • LinkedIn = LinkedIn Insight Tag

  • Pinterest = Pinterest Tag

Keeping a close eye on Google Analytics is vital to optimizing your website and making user-centric changes. It allows you to identify areas of improvement, track visitor behavior, and make data-backed decisions to enhance the user experience.

By leveraging these tools and monitoring your website's performance through Google Analytics, you gain valuable insights that can guide you towards optimizing your online presence and creating a more user-friendly environment. Remember, in the digital world, data is power, and using it to your advantage can significantly impact the success of your business.

#5 - Flexibility / Easy To Scale

One of the most beautiful things about digital marketing is that once you have something in place that works...it works! The beauty lies in the ability to scale your efforts from there. By fine-tuning and optimizing your successful campaigns, you can expand your reach, increase your impact, and drive even greater results.

Working on multiple platforms simultaneously can also enhance your overall marketing campaign. Take, for instance, a home service professional. By advertising on Google to capture potential customers actively searching for services, and simultaneously using Facebook to retarget and engage with those who have shown initial interest, you can create a comprehensive and integrated approach that maximizes your chances of success.


Another incredible advantage of digital marketing is the level of control it offers. You have the power to start, pause, or completely stop your marketing efforts whenever necessary. Perhaps you've implemented such a stellar marketing strategy that you need to slow down or temporarily pause to manage the influx of leads. With digital marketing, you have the flexibility to make those decisions based on your business's unique circumstances and needs.

The key takeaway here is that you are in control of how your marketing strategies are implemented. Don't let the fear of growth or success deter you from starting or refining a strategy that has the potential to work wonders for your business. Digital marketing offers you the power to make informed decisions, adjust your efforts as needed, and ultimately steer your business towards success. 


Start, pause, stop...the choice is yours. Don’t let growth scare you from starting a strategy that can work for your business.

#6 - Builds Authority

It can be scary to get yourself out there in the digital world, it’s very noisy, everybody is doing something. It’s just one of those things you have to become comfortable with. People buy from people and your future customers/clients just need to see a face behind the brand. 


A content marketing strategy to educate, entertain, or engage with people is easier said than done but doing it is better than not doing so. You want to get to the point where people can refer others to you or they can talk to you.


There are many Black Business professionals out there that have been seen as inferior to their counterparts. Their hatred is not an easy problem to fix, but what can be done is to gain such a following that it becomes hard to ignore that we have passionate leaders and professionals within our communities.

#7 - Community Empowerment

At the end of the day, as Black-owned businesses, we have a greater responsibility—empowering our communities. And digital marketing presents us with an incredible opportunity to not only grow our businesses but also create local employment opportunities. By harnessing the power of digital marketing, we can hire and support talent from within our own communities, contributing to their growth and prosperity.

We can draw inspiration from the historic success of Tulsa's Black Wall Street and channel those lessons into our present-day endeavors. By collaborating and growing together, we can create a stronger and more vibrant community. Digital marketing has the capacity to transcend borders and connect us with customers worldwide. Through online platforms, our businesses can go international and reach audiences across the globe. The barriers that traditional businesses face no longer need to hinder our growth. We have the opportunity to offer our products and services online, breaking free from geographical limitations.

While it's true that many businesses fail within the first three years, this challenge is often compounded for Black-owned businesses due to a lack of capital and opportunities. However, one common thread among all failing businesses is the failure to market themselves effectively. This is where Imani Advantage comes in. We exist with a purpose—to help small Black-owned businesses conquer the digital marketing landscape and equip them with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in today's competitive market.

By partnering with Imani Advantage, you can gain the essential skills and insights required to navigate the digital marketing realm successfully. We provide tailored guidance, training, and support to ensure your business stands out and flourishes. Together, we can overcome barriers, bridge the gap, and empower our communities through digital marketing.

Join us on this journey to transform possibilities into realities. Let's build a brighter future for our businesses, our communities, and ourselves. Together, we have the power to make a lasting impact.

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