We achieved 5.47 ROAS resulting in $290k for agency services!

Facebook Advertising agency case study by Imani Advantage

Date: January 2021 - June 2021

Our Task Was

The overall objective was to take responsibility of Facebook advertising for a Digital Marketing Agency.


With the launch of a new service program similar to a course, we decided to focus primarily on that rather than the traditional done-for-you services. To Keep it simple, we used a combination of Cold targeting with Lookalike Audiences from previous purchasers and retargeting website viewers and social engagers.

The Results

The key results are the in YTD (Year-to-Date) format. January through June 2021:

  • Ad Spend - $53.11k
  • Conversion Value - $290.77k
  • ROAS = 5.47
  • CTR (ALL) = 2.5%
  • CPC (ALL) = $1.37
YTD - Facebook Advertising Results part 1 by Imani Advantage
YTD - Facebook Advertising Results part 2 by Imani Advantage

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