Unlocking Marketing Operations Potential for Illinois Non-Profit with Imani Advantage!

how Imani Advantage transformed operational hurdles into growth opportunities for an Illinois NPO, achieving a stunning 835% ROI

Date: October 2022+


Imani Advantage, a Marketing Operations consultancy, empowers small businesses and local firms through lead generation, nurturing, automation, and strategic consulting. One such transformational journey unfolded with a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) located in Illinois, providing family services crucial to their community.


When Imani Advantage onboarded the NPO in late October 2022, the organization had several operational and digital challenges:

  • No direct access to manage their WordPress website.

  • Absence of an online scheduling and payment system.

  • No Google Business Profile.

  • Lack of technical best practices for data analytics or attribution.

  • No process for generating online reviews.

  • Use of founders' personal phones for organizational communication.

  • No dedicated systems for email and SMS marketing.

  • No CRM system to manage clients, donors, and sponsors.


Imani Advantage kick-started a multi-pronged strategy to empower the NPO with digital and marketing solutions:

  • Website Management: Imani Advantage facilitated the transfer of their WordPress website to a new host providing direct access for changes and updates.

  • Online Booking System: They implemented an online booking system, offering online scheduling and payment options. This was integrated with Google Calendar for ease of use.

  • Google Business Profile: They created and optimized a Google My Business Profile to increase local SEO presence and service awareness.

  • Data Analytics Dashboard: A comprehensive dashboard was created, providing insights into website traffic, Google Search Console, social media analytics, accounting software, and organizational KPI's and OKR's.

  • Review Generation System: They established an automatic review generation system to boost online reputation.

  • Phone System: A distinct business phone system was implemented, separating personal and organizational communication lines.

  • Email/SMS Marketing System: A dedicated platform for email and SMS marketing was introduced for appointment reminders and donor campaigns.

  • CRM System: A CRM system was established for efficient management of clients, donors, and sponsors.

  • Google Grants Application: Assistance was provided in securing Google Workspace and $10,000 in Google Ads through the Google Grants application.

  • Simple Impact Report: We created a simple Impact Report to be presented in a local community center that helped bring in $2300 in online donations and awarded a $5k grant from a local business


The strategic solutions provided by Imani Advantage have proven transformative for the NPO, resulting in an impressive ROI of 835.94%. From establishing a digital footprint to obtaining significant grants, these strategies have substantially reformed the NPO's operational and marketing capabilities.

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